Hi, I'm Alex Robison.

My friends call me Hoover, though.


Maximist collage of Amazon Devices


In 2019, a design technologist and I created a self-service banner web-app to automate banner ad requests the team didn't have capacity for.

By 2021, my production design team was able to automate over 80% of their banner ad requests and prioritize high-touch, high-return projects, completely eliminating on-call shifts–even during peak events like Black Friday.

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An Amazon Echo Show 8, showing a stylized clock, on a multi-tiled background.


The Evergreen Refresh is a reoccuring project to overhaul Amazon Device's look and feel.

Up to this point, each design request was solved on a case-by-case basis using years-old, recycled creative—even though the data showed this damaged our customer experience. The Evergreen Refresh has improved customer engagement, design consistency, time-to-market, and deploys easily using the Visual Asset Creator.

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A fake tablet and a fake phone showing a reductive charicature of a product detail page.


The DPB template was designed to allow designers to quickly mock up wire-frames, even containing product-line-specific, pre-built wire-frames, and saved days from certain steps in the process, including localization!

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Hexagons arranged edge-to-edge in a circular shape containing iconic characters from stand-out Microsoft Xbox properties.


In 2017 I led the most successful deployment of marketing assets for E3 yet. Timed with the keynote itself, we launched 10 games in tandem with the Xbox One X online, including Microsoft.com and all of it's retail partners like Best Buy and Amazon, with 100% accuracy.

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A card with low-contrast dungeons and dragons art on it with a giant purple d20 die with blank faces except for one with a YouTube play button on it.


In 2014, at Wizards of the Coast, I produced 20+ videos for WOTC Retail Partners, including set release trailers, unboxing videos, how-to's, and product announcements.

More importantly than that, I helped develop a playbook that led to an average increase of 200%+ overall views, better view times, better engagement, and more visibility that WOTC uses on all of it's videos, even today.

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Abstract collage of Fire TV sticks


When I joined Amazon the first time in 2014 there was an 8-week-minimum lead time for device renders. By the time I left, designers could self-service device renders and, with light retouching, could have them ready to go into final production files. Even today, Amazon Devices uses an iteration of my process to produce its products' 3D visual ID.

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