Wizards of the Coast

While I was at Wizards of the Coast I was involved with launch trailers for major products across Dungeons and Dragons. I also personally led work for the Wizards Play Network, a team responsible for creating content for Retailers in preparation for product launches and WOTC events.

But, I think the thing I'm most proud about is authoring their whole YouTube strategy. When I started, the idea was that each video would have a separate video for each localization. Additionally, each of those localizations would have their subtitles baked in. This was damaging for a lot of reasons. Not optimized for mobile, no consideration for SEO, and actively swerving around tools in YouTube designed to improve visibility and engagement.

The strategy I developed consolidated all the videos into a single upload, used scripts as closed-captioning files, and standardized video descriptions and tags one of the deliverables from the copy team. In the end, this optimizes for accessibility and mobile, while all of those scripts, descriptions, and tags becomes SEO that increase the video's visibility and engagement. Bonus points for reducing the clutter on the YouTube channel for both the social managers and the customer.