Evergreen Refresh

The Evergreen Refresh followed the creation of the Visual Asset Creator. We saw an opportunity to leverage that tool to kick off an annual project to refresh our creative approach towards non-event-themed creative.

The Evergreen Refresh is an annual overhaul of creative look and feel with quarterly updates. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall each get their own iteration of the Evergreen Refresh. This provides our partners the opportunity to provide performance feedback and creative strategy updates.

Our on-site marketers saw an immediate uptick in customer engagement and conversion with a new look and feel. Even more exciting is that our designers went from hating the idea in being involved with banner projects to proud of being part of the Refresh. Knowing that the decisions you're making will have such far-reaching and meaningful impact makes that work so much more fulfilling.

What's more, working on this project is reasonable. One big deck a year, an Adobe Library with all of those elements in it for our production team, and exports of about a dozen-or-so sets of banners for our Design Technologist to ingest into VAC.