Amazon 3D

Shortly after joining the team, I was able to reduce what had previously been an 8 week lead time down to just a couple of days. But, even then, I still wasn't happy with the latency between having an idea and putting that idea in a mock.

So, I build a 3D toolkit for my designers. The toolkit consisted of layered PSDs of each device at every angle in a 360 degree rotation. The designer would navigate the toolkit with a short video referencing all the angles and rotations to see which PSD they needed to download. A couple of small tweaks later and you've got a render that's perfect for small placements, and a great stand-in while you're rendering the high-res version for finals

All said and done, the team now has a repository of devices that they can use to mock up any piece of creative. In parallel, I can work on high-res assets while we get our partner approvals. Because of the effectiveness of this process, Amazon Devices uses an iteration of this process even today.