Making the Backyard Landscaping

Backyard Landscaping Remodel

Hi, on the today, we’re doing the landscaping. I’m pretty sure by now you know that my backyard looks like crap. It’s time to change that. Everything started last year when Gladys moved the huge pile of wood that was beside my old shed. She moved it all to the other side of the backyard.

Now it looks like that; not a pretty site… We want to move it back again but this time, behind the shop. But before we can do this, we have to dig a trench to connect both future gutters together. When all the pipes are glued, we can move on to something else. We make the block wall higher. After a while, we’re happy with its height, and we can start to backfill the back of the shop. Gladys starts by backfilling the pipe, while I move the dirt we dug out for the front slab. All this dirt is not enough, so I continue with the extra sand left from last year.

Image Backyard Landscaping

When I think that it’s enough, I compact it. Then I can see the high and low spots and fix them. Then I wet the sand and re-compact.

After doing that three times, I think that it’s good enough to hold a firewood pile. Now we can put the small patio slabs in place. At the end of the day, I’m almost finished. The next day, I don’t sweat too much to finish it all. Now I have to move all this firewood. After two weeks of hauling before we go to work, we finally manage to move it all and we don’t have that eyesore in our backyard.

Everything is now behind the shop. It’s much better and less noticeable, even from the bike path. But it’s not over. I need to fix the space between the shop and the neighbor. Now it’s a mud disaster, and it’s not leveled from the front to the back.

So I dig a little in the front and move the dirt to the back. When it’s leveled, I can mix concrete for the small brick path that I want to make. When the concrete is well mixed, I pour it into a wheelbarrow. Then I can fill my brick mold. This is one of the molds I use at my cottage. When it’s full, I flatten the top. Next, I remove the mold, place it just beside and make another one . And another one And another one.

Making Backyard Landscaping

All this takes only a day, thanks to our son Franky who comes to help. After his arrival, he is put in charge of mixing the concrete. He supplies Gladys who makes a bunch of bricks on flat surfaces. Those bricks will be used to fill in the spots where a full mold can’t fit. When she finishes to fill one mold, I come and flatten it, just like the ones on the ground. As you can see, we don’t take any chances and tie down the stupid dog before we start. These are all the bricks I was able to mold directly in place. And these are the ones Gladys made.

The next morning it’s hard enough to carefully walk on the them to lay down the individual spare bricks. With a cheap diamond wheel cutter, I cut the bricks that need to be cut. The front is finished with small patio slabs. This is our new look for the side of the shop.

I think it will be better than mud. After a couple of days, I spread sand between the bricks. When the sand will be dry, I’ll sweep it again, and it will look even better. Now I can move all the piles of construction wood that are spread all over the backyard. After a while, all those piles end up at the same place. Finally, the rain stops and the backhoe guy comes to fix up my yard. He starts by re-organising the driveway gravel.

Backyard Landscaping Idea

Next, he spreads around the darn sand pile, left-over in my yard since last year. Then he spreads topsoil where it’s needed. While he does that, his assistant finishes the job with a rake.

Gladys and leave for work, but when we come back the yard is all covered by a beautiful coat of topsoil; not sand. The last thing I need to do, is to spread grass seed all over that top soil. When I’m done, we rake the whole yard again. Now I just need to watch the grass grow. But I think I’d rather make sawdust.

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