How to make a Waterfall – Landscaping Ideas

Backyard waterfall design

Vanishing waterfalls have become increasingly popular, it seems like everyone wants a feel of nature inside their personal backyard garden. There’s not really an easy method to accomplish this then by adding a waterfall to the home, so what now I have behind me is a water fountain with several terraces and a large elevation change.

What I want to do is get you back about a week after we started this whole project and we’ll provide you with some behind the scenes pictures of several of the building process.

We are constructing a huge disappearing water fall on this hill side. We are going to explain to you some building strategies on this big job that you could take home along with you for your personal backyard garden project.

Lets begin. We’re in the waterfalls water tank and I want to pressure to you the need for having a big enough reservoir for the size water fall that you might be creating.
Now theres some issues to having to tiny of a reservoir and I wanna cover them. When you first start your system off, all the water thats within your reservoir will skyrocket into the waterfalls and will hang suspended in there as it makes its way back down into the basin.

How to make a Waterfall

Now if you don’t have enough water in there your pump’s gonna run dry, so you might just think let me add some more water to the system, and the water will start to fill up, it will protect the pump so it doesn’t die, then when you go to take out the plug for service and you shut the pump off all the water thats hanging suspended in the waterfalls will rush back down into the basin and it’ll start to overflow and make your backyard a muddy mess. Your probably wondering what these are.

This is what we call a Matrix Box, these guys fit into our basin and give us allot of water volume in a small compact area. Now there’s a right way and a wrong way to install it and I wanna make sure you understand.

This fashion right now is the correct way to put it, it can be either way, this way or that way, but this inner panel should have an upper panel sitting on top of it, so you get some strength when you put compression on this.

Now if I turned it this way, wrong way, and I made the top panel the side panel, if I stepped on this area I could compress this plastic in because I don’t have any shoring underneath it.

Backyard waterfall idea

You never want to stand it in an upright fashion, its not a right way because we don’t have any strength right here as well, so be sure that when you go to install them, you have that inner panel and upper panel stacked right on top of it you get all the strength that way.

Now you probably wondering why I have all these Matrix Boxes sitting on the dirt because of course the dirt is not gonna hold the water, but this makes our installation real fast when I have a nice level area and all the Matrix Boxes are sitting in there tight, we’ll pull them out once its level will install our underlayment and liner, for now lets move on to another step.

I wanna take the time to talk to you about excavation, one of the cool construction techniques that you need to know about is, we over dig our benches.

Now what this allows us to do we can place our stone however we want and we’re not constricted by the bench of our excavation. Now it gives you more creativity and it actually make the job go a little bit faster.

Backyard waterfall design

I don’t even know what stone I’m gonna place right here so when I find just the right stone in the rock pile I get to set it into place, I get it how I want it and then I take access soil and I backfill behind the liner.

It makes the project go a hole lot faster and look allot better when its done.

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