Should I choose a Pergola or Patio Cover?

pergola and patio

I am here to write about what you, as a patio consumer, should know about the difference between a patio cover and a pergola.

A pergola, or an arbor or a trellis as a few people call it, is a shade construction that’s in your backyard garden that protects your outdoor patio. Normally, it’s made from cedar or light weight aluminum that’s colored or stained to whatever you desire it to look like. An outdoor patio cover, on the other hand, is a roof construction that creates an outdoor living room area. It’s typically constructed and built to look unique to the home and it’s finished with roofing shingles and has sturdy plank trim and facia and brickwork which matches your property.

Frequently either of these constructions can be free standing or attached but both of them let us do things like electricity, whereas a pergola, we get to do. we could place outside ranked fans and lighting that could be able to control how damp and wet the construction will get. But a patio cover, on the other hand, You can apply the exact same kind of lighting you do within the home. The truth is, you can beautify a patio cover a lot like you do that inside of the home with carpets and if you feel you’d how you use your family room or your kitchen area inside the home you’re entertaining, you’re watching television, you’re enjoying some time by the fireplace.

simple modern pergola

We do all those points under a patio cover. A pergola is a construction that gives to the elegance and looks of your home. Normally, we love to use them as a transition part between your home and a free-standing construction as an add-on off the side of a gorgeous patio cover that is likely to just add even more elegance to everything that you’re doing out there.

The maintenance on pergolas is that because we use a stain, it is something which needs to be re-stained every one to two years, specially in our Texas temperature in which we have plenty of UV. The patio cover, its low maintenance. It’s created and built a look original to your home so it is completed with exactly the same kinds have exterior coatings you have on your home such as hardy plank, stone or brick or like composition shingles, things that are resistant to the components.And it is made to final the life of your home.

terrace pergola

You find out, we’re creating and constructing it and tying it into the frame of your property. So this is a a job which will increase the value of your home and last the life span of your home. When people see these amazing pictures on our site or in these magazines that engage in outdoor living rooms, in fireplaces, in outdoor kitchens, in beautiful ceilings and wonderful looking floors, these are usually under a patio cover.

Patio covers increase the useful functionality of an outdoor living space and truly enable you to do anything you can do indoors outdoors. A patio cover truly does maximize the useful functionality of your outdoor living room area all those things which you can do under a roof construction, under a a completely protected spot, like watch TV, like enjoy precious time by the open fireplace or relaxing and readin, watch the football game etc.

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